Summer Livin'!

Running. Eating healthy. Exercising. Getting up sort of early. These are things most middle and high school students have ZERO desire to do over their summer break. Zero. But we somehow managed to get 80 students to do all of those things for four weeks during our Summer Slam program. And we had SO MUCH FUN doing it! We met everyday teaching our students about the importance of a healthy diet, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep. 4-H Purdue Extension was a HUGE help in doing our lessons every week. We also made them exercise for 45 minutes each day and journal their progress. It was a lot of work. 

Don't worry though, we also had some serious fun. Some SERIOUS FUN! We played lots of games, did some dancing, did a ton of laughing and took some really great trips. We played bubble soccer and laser tag at Rugged Adventures, went tubing on Lake Manitou, spent the night at Oakbrook Valley and swam at The Waterpark at theMonon Center in Carmel. We want to say a huge thank you to Carver Center for allowing us to use their facility all summer. We also want to thank the Kokomo YMCA for letting us come in and workout each week and to their staff for doing such a great job of training us! Finally, we want to thank everyone that helped make our field trips possible, you all are so awesome! 

Most importantly we got to spend every day investing in the lives of the young people we've come to love and care so much about. They are so great and have so much potential. Thank you for your part in helping them reach that full potential.