For the staff at Bridges graduation night at KHS is always exciting because we get the opportunity to see lots of young people receive their diplomas and head to college. Bridges graduates have done some amazing things and have gone some amazing places, but in the past 10 years no Bridges student has had the academic success that Cody Wilburn has achieved.

This spring Cody will graduate with Honors in the top 25 of his class and head to Purdue University for a pre-veterinary/animal science degree. He is our first Bridges student to go to Purdue and the first to go into veterinary school. Since Cody joined Bridges in 7th grade we have only seen one report card that was not straight A’s. Cody has a GPA over 12 on a 12-point scale, because of all the AP courses he has taken. He even “aced” the hardest class at KHS, AP Chemistry!

Cody is a shy teenager who goes about his business quietly. He is extremely mature for a 17-year old and is very responsible. For example, when Cody made his Christmas list out for Bridges this year, where most students asked for candy, chips or earphones, Cody asked for a new wallet. He has been extremely committed to Bridges over the years and despite having to ride the trolley home, Cody rarely misses a day! Rare is a great word to describe Cody. We work with hundreds of young people every year that have the same potential that Cody possesses but it is rare to see students focus and hone in on that potential the way Cody has.

For someone who has had to overcome many obstacles in life so far, Cody has taken advantage of every opportunity given to him. Too bad “Codys” are so rare- we sure could use a lot more!